Tell Tales: In Memoriam

2 February 2023

Last Saturday, 28 January, we were reached by a very sad and shocking message. Our long-term Baltic Yachts family member, friend, colleague and one of the Baltic Yachts original founders, Jan-Erik “Janne” Nyfelt had passed away. Baltic Yachts lost a person that have contributed greatly to what Baltic Yachts is today. A great loss for the company and for me personally the loss of a person, a friend, that I have held in extremely high regards and that has been enormous support for me through all my years in the yachting industry.

“Jannes“ career as a boatbuilder started from a very young childhood working in his father small boatbuilding shop. Undoubtedly one of the best ways of learning the practical side of the trade. In addition to his practical yacht building skills, he also wanted to learn more about design, calculations, making line drawings and the theoretical side of creating a boat. He worked, some time, for a local ships engineer and got good insight also into the theoretical side.


He was involved in the start of Nautor, not as owner but as boatbuilding specialist. He was also one of the 5 persons starting Baltic Yachts and was a very active member in management and the development of our company until his retirement. His legacy to the local boatbuilding industry is invaluable.

Janne was a person that had a never-ending energy always intensively involved in many things. Very keen on developing new materials and methods everything that could improve the product. Whatever he got himself involved in he was in with full energy.

He was a respected member of our Baltic Yachts family and will be greatly missed.

For me personally he was a great support and countless are the times we sat together solving problems, developing new things, going through the complexity of yacht design, or just discussing life in general. There are no words enough to describe a person like “Janne”. For me he leaves an empty space that cannot be filled but also leaves some of the best and valuable memories one can have.

Farewell my friend and thank you for your comradeship through the years.

Our thoughts and sympathies are with his family.



There can be few yacht builders like PG Johansson, who can boast an unbroken career with the company he co-founded almost 50 years ago. In that time PG Johansson has witnessed every twist and turn of a colourful, exciting and technically pioneering industry accumulating a wealth of fascinating stories, some familiar, some still untold. In this blog PG will be recalling his experiences of the yachts he has built, the people he has met and some of the more unusual events on the journey to turning clients’ dreams into reality.

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