We are world leaders in advanced composite yacht building. We combine leading edge design and engineering with innovation and traditional craftsmanship to provide clients with the ultimate experience in performance and comfort afloat.

If you dream of cruising the oceans of the world with your family and friends or competing on the most exciting race courses, we can provide you with the means to make that dream come true.

For more than 45 years we have built yachts that are lighter and more technically advanced to gain performance superiority over the competition. In short, Baltic Yachts build yachts that are lighter, stiffer and faster. And to consistently achieve this we work closely together as a team alongside business partners who are experts in their fields.


Our yachts are hand-built with pride, using traditional craftsmanship. From the custom-built advanced composite hulls and decks to the exquisite lightweight timber accommodation finish, every yacht benefits from the deep-rooted skills found in our workforce. Many are from the local region of Ostrobothnia where shipbuilding has existed for generations.


We are constantly looking for new talents to join the Baltic Family. It’s an opportunity to work independently with a high end product in an innovative environment.
We are a team of experienced boat builders, who would support and encourage you to improve your skills and develop within the company.

Please visit our recruitment site and connect with us. (For now only in Swedish)

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I like working with Baltic Yachts because of their excellent know-how in carbon composite yacht building that is very difficult to find elsewhere. Our team also appreciates the diligence and fairness they have shown in selecting the correct products and suppliers for each build project we have worked on together.

Sebastian Allebrodt, A2B Maritime Consulting

MM341 is the first MMYD design to build with Baltic Yachts. The build process has been significantly enhanced by the yard’s meticulous and intuitive methods.

As a design studio, we have appreciated Baltic Yachts’ inclusive team approach and feel sure that this results in the most successful superyacht projects.

Malcolm McKeon, Naval Architect Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design

Designing the Baltic 142 Custom has been a unique experience. We worked with the owner to improve comfort on board and to maximise performance. At Baltic Yachts I found a team of people with a new vision who embraced the environmental and lifestyle concepts we were trying to achieve.

It was great to work with them on the overall aesthetic of the yacht and with the design and engineering teams, developing everything from the acoustics and lighting to the installation of the DSS and the electric propulsion system. Today technology allows us to take a different approach to the maritime environment,  enabling us to build ‘cleaner’ yachts which work in harmony with the people who sail them. The team at Baltic Yachts made this possible for us.

Lucio Micheletti, Architect Micheletti & Partners


Large yachts need hydraulic power to turn their rudders. A drawback is that the helmsman loses the ‘feel’ in the helm, something that lies at the heart of enjoying the sailing experience. We have found a way to re-create this feel to keep the owner in touch with his yacht. Together with experts from the automotive industry we have designed a steering system that mimics the side forces on the rudder and transfers the ‘feel’ electronically to the yacht’s wheel

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Five skilled boat builders set up Baltic Yachts in 1973 with a clear objective to build better yachts – lighter yachts, stiffer yachts, faster yachts. With more than 550 yachts launched that objective has been continuously met.

Drawing on the unique skills of our local craftsmen and the expertise of our designers and engineers we quickly established an international reputation for building high quality yachts which meet the requirements of our clients.


The company is founded in Bosund by five young men


The first Baltic 46 is unveiled at the Hamburg Boat Show


First custom boat is delivered, Baltic 42 Tina-I-Punkt


We deliver the first of our most popular model, the Baltic 39. We sell 74 hulls between 1977 and 1983.

Late 1970

The company starts making a lot of smaller components in carbon. We introduce carbon fibre rudder shafts to the cruising world and start using vacuum bagging for larger parts


First maxi-sized project, Baltic 80 Midnight Sun


First powerboat delivered, Baltic M48 Far Niente


First boat over 100ft delivered, Baltic 147 Visione


The Jakobstad yard opens


Baltic 197 Hetairos is delivered, at the time the largest composite carbon yacht in the world


The Service & Refit centre in Palma opens


The award winning Baltic 175 Pink Gin is delivered, the largest carbon sloop in the world


The first Baltic 67 Performance Cruiser semi-custom sailing yacht is delivered


Baltic 142 Canova, first superyacht to be equipped with a DSS foil


Kenneth Nyfelt

Kenneth Nyfelt began his career at Baltic Yachts in the 1980s sweeping floors and carrying out small electrical tasks during...



Weight is the enemy of performance, so from the outset we knew lightweight, versatile carbon composites were ideal for yacht...