Mikael Strengell

9 January 2017

The Baltic design principle is based on functionality, flexibility and freedom. “This means we can offer our customers total freedom of choice. We aim to make a technically ambitious yacht easy to use.” Strengell’s job is to see that the boat comes together technically and works as an entity. Communication is key. “I collaborate with the sales team, service and refit and R&D and we all discuss ideas that emerge from projects.”  Carbon composite design has been a fundamental feature of Baltic Yachts from the company’s inception. “Baltic started with carbon composites and created something different”, said Mikael. “Our strong in-house composites know-how is something that our customers really appreciate.” A desire to continually improve the product is critical. “How can we make the boat even lighter or more comfortable to live aboard without compromising safety and functionality?”

There’s not another type of vehicle that demands such attention to detail

This challenge is what makes the job interesting. “It is truly rewarding to see the complexity of the systems we make come to life. I don’t think there’s another type of vehicle that demands such attention to detail as the boats we make.”


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