Tell Tales: A tale to tell

17 January 2023

In a series of Tell Tales I have covered several tings regarding Baltic Yachts history during our 50 years. I have tried to cover things like our basic philosophy and thinking but also individual projects and people involved. What I have covered so far is naturally just a fraction what have taken place during these five decades.

As we have now entered our 50th anniversary year it would be nice to get your input on “stories that could be told”. The memory sometimes needs suggestions and reminders to be activated. In other words, suggestions would be welcomed.

It would be nice and interesting to get some stories from owners, crew or just people that has sailed and experienced interesting things on any of our yachts. Riding out storms or just enjoying nice sailing and visiting interesting places and experience with our staff during building or service processes. This would, I am sure, be of interest to us and our general public and give a slightly different angle and insight than stories coming from us.

The same invitation goes to the Naval architect and designers, equipment and material suppliers and various subcontractors that we have worked with through the years.

As an example, three projects that has not been mentioned but surely should be included are the three Whitbread Around the World projects that we did. The Skopbank of Finland (Baltic 51), Equity and Law (Baltic 55) and the Martela (custom 80 Ft German Frers). A one-sided story from us explaining the building process would naturally not be even close to enough, the interesting side of these stories is the actual race and the adventures and challenges these crews went through. Would really be great if some materials from these events could be collected.

To all of you, if you have any stories, ideas to stories, your suggestions would be most welcome. You can reach me at



There can be few yacht builders like PG Johansson, who can boast an unbroken career with the company he co-founded almost 50 years ago. In that time PG Johansson has witnessed every twist and turn of a colourful, exciting and technically pioneering industry accumulating a wealth of fascinating stories, some familiar, some still untold. In this blog PG will be recalling his experiences of the yachts he has built, the people he has met and some of the more unusual events on the journey to turning clients’ dreams into reality.

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