50 years of determination, innovation and quality

10 May 2023

In 2023, Baltic Yachts celebrates its anniversary as a luxury yacht builder

One of the few luxury brands in Finland, Baltic Yachts, celebrates 50 years in business in 2023. The story of this sailing yacht builder began with five young men in Bosund, Ostrobothnia, who were determined to build lighter, stiffer and faster yachts. Early on, the company started tailor-making its boats to the requirements of demanding clients, and today, it is the world leader in custom-made, advanced composite yachts.

Our boats are fantastic pieces of craftmanship and high technology. With their design, quality and comfort, these lightweight performance yachts are equally at home cruising the oceans as they are on the race course, Head of Marketing Elisabet Holm describes.

Today, Baltic Yachts builds custom-made luxury yachts of up to 200 feet, but the company’s story began by challenging the prevailing trends in boat
building in the 1970’s.

Today, Baltic Yachts caters to some of the wealthiest in the world, but the values of the company remain stable: “Here at Baltic Yachts, an Ostrobothnian company, we are trustworthy, humble and proud of our work. We are innovative and solutionoriented and we work together, everyone is treated as equal.” Baltic Yachts walks the talk also in its sustainability work. Together with its conscious customers and personnel, the company is pushing for greener solutions in sailing, such as hydrogeneration, hybrid propulsion, battery technology and sustainable materials. The yacht builder also maintains and repairs its customers’ yachts, extending their lifecycles by decades.

One part of Baltic Yachts 50th anniversary celebration is, in fact, a refit of the first ever Baltic, a 46-footer from 1973. Queen Anne will be the centrepiece of the company’s anniversary celebrations, which will culminate in a regatta, arranged for boat owners in September 2023 in Porto Rotondo, Sardinia.

I feel honoured to be part of the celebrations of this pioneering company and the people who helped build it. In our region, we have a long heritage of boat building, and for centuries, we have sailed the world in search of adventure and new innovations. This entrepreneurial spirit can still be felt here today.

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