20 May 2021

The influence of motivation

Looking back in time and remembering some of the fantastic boats that Baltic Yachts has produced over the years, it is easy to realize that it takes a good team to get these projects completed.

I have had the great privilege to work with some of the best people in the trade. Some very knowledgeable clients, and some of the best designers in the world, some very good and high-tech suppliers and sub-contractors and a team of very good and supportive agents. I have learned a lot and been getting invaluable support from these people through the years which I greatly appreciate.  And most of all, the “home team”. The boatbuilders, project managers, foreman’s, engineers, administrative personnel etc. that with their input and dedications have made these projects possible.

It is clear, that this level of performance requires a large portion of motivation from everybody involved. To produce products with a very high level of technology and quality and constantly continue to develop and improve, the whole team, must be dedicated and have a very high level of motivation.


The motivation does not just happen, it needs to be created. It would be easy to say that we, from the beginning, had strategically planned actions to boost motivation and that’s why people have been and are so highly motivated but that would not be a fully correct statement. Yes, when you ask people to do something that they have not done before or/and improving an already very good product you do occasionally get the comments/questions: wasn’t the way we did it before good enough? Why do we need to improve, again? And yes, you must give them good reasons and motivations.

I think that one of the advantages we have had is that we were a relatively small company, everybody knew everybody hence a daily level of communication took place through the whole organization. When we had projects sold that required new technology you had to participate and be present on the work floor when this was developed. That also gave opportunities to explain why this new technology was required, its positive consequences on the product as well as how it affected the company’s position on the market.



But even more important, you got feedbacks from people, ideas, and suggestions on how this could be done even better or more effectively. A very important two-way communication.

People are individuals. Some of us are happy with the way things are and are reluctant to change since it requires a higher input. Other are more open and even look forward to changes, improvements, and developments and are open to challenges. Not only because it’s good for the company but it’s also for themselves. When they leave for home after a full workday, they like to feel the satisfaction of having achieved something special and that they have personally learned something and developed as an individual. We have had the good fortune to have a good number of the later ones.

I am lucky to have been able to work with amazingly interesting clients, very special trade people and an amazing team. The fact that I have been in a position to represent this team internationally have given me a lot of personal recognition and credit. A substantial part of that recognition and credit belongs to the whole team.



There can be few yacht builders like PG Johansson, who can boast an unbroken career with the company he co-founded almost 50 years ago. In that time PG Johansson has witnessed every twist and turn of a colourful, exciting and technically pioneering industry accumulating a wealth of fascinating stories, some familiar, some still untold. In this blog PG will be recalling his experiences of the yachts he has built, the people he has met and some of the more unusual events on the journey to turning clients’ dreams into reality.
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