Baltic 68 Café Racer – Hull release

15 January 2021

Hull number one of the high performance, easy to sail Baltic 68 Café Racer has just been released from its mould at our Bosund facility in Finland. The new, eco-friendly yacht, which will be launched in the Spring this year, uses naturally grown flax in 50% of its hull structure. Propeller driven hydrogeneration charging the yacht’s battery bank, electric propulsion and micro-turbine technology enhance her green credentials.

This series of pictures takes you through the hull release procedure from the split mould which is now ready for hull number two.

Start of the day - mould and cradle ready for hull release!

The hull interior complete with bulkheads and apertures for cable and pipe runs. The red lifting straps are being attached in preparation for the hull release.

The split mould is held together by bolts, here being carefully undone before the two parts are separated.

With all bolts released, wooden wedges are used to loosen the mould from the hull.

First glimpse of the hull as the starboard side mould is moved away.

Both parts of the split mould are moved away from hull number one.

The hull being lifted revealing a super-fair finish and the centreline join.

Preparing the split mould for re-joining, making sure it is ready for hull number two.

The Baltic 68 Café Racer’s beautiful hull lines being revealed for the first time. Note the full-length chine, reverse stem and sacrificial forefoot.

A glimpse of Finnish winter wonderland as the mould is pulled out.

The hull release operation is complete with the hull safely on its cradle in readiness for the next stage of production.

The Baltic 68 Café Racer offers a powerful package of exciting sailing and eco-technology, a modern yacht reflecting the Café Racer era of the 1960s when London’s Rockers rode pared down, visually minimalist motor bikes designed for fast rides over short distances. Riders and bikes were seen as disrupters displaying speed, status and rebellion – they had attitude


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