5 October 2020

The Baltic Log, Autumn 2020, is bringing you the latest news from the Baltic Family.

Thanks to the dedication and hard work of our employees, we have managed to keep production on track in Finland for three new builds, all of which are on schedule to launch in 2021. The loyalty and commitment of our staff is a subject we have taken a closer look at in this edition of Baltic Log.

We have recently seen the launch of one of the most remarkable superyachts of modern times, Baltic 142 Canova. With her Dynamic Stability System sliding hydrofoil she has shown how comfort and performance in a sailing yacht of this size can be markedly improved. We hope you enjoy the series of stunning pictures of Canova published in this issue and as an extra bonus below is a video of Canova in a powerful display of sailing in the breezy Strait of Bonifacio.

Canova is also fitted with a ground-breaking electric propulsion system and the means to hydrogenerate electricity using her free-wheeling propeller. This not only reduces the uses of fossil fuel, but compact machinery design has brought significant benefits to accommodation layout and comfort aboard.

As we strive for a more sustainable future, research and development at Baltic Yachts continues to look at cleaner and more efficient ways to power superyachts with hydrogen fuel cells, supercapacitors and micro-turbines all being investigated.

Although the world of sailing has slowed around the globe as we continue to face the challenge of the pandemic, here at Baltic work continues apace. Some good has come out of the crisis in that customers have had more time to consider their next move and there have been unexpected opportunities for interim service works and upgrades.

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