This highly innovative long distance cruising yacht is notable for being the first superyacht to be fitted with a transverse Dynamic Stability System foil, designed to reduce heel angle, increase speed and dampen pitching to improve comfort.

She is also fitted with a sophisticated diesel electric propulsion and hydro-generating system reducing the use of fossil fuel and enabling the yacht to be used for long periods in ‘silent’ mode.

Vibration and noise levels are further reduced by using an electric propulsion motor powered by lithium ion batteries charged by a combination of traditional generators and propeller driven hydro-generation.

Canova is designed to sail quickly, comfortably and efficiently and in addition her owner wants to be able to maintain and service the yacht without the need for specialist shipyard help in remote parts of the world.

The combination of her large deck saloon, which forms the focal point of her accommodation, and her large, well-appointed cockpit which is protected by a long solid bimini, provides a superb living space while sailing.

An impressive package of new technology will make her a genuinely remarkable project, underlining the company’s position as the world’s leading builder of super-sailing yachts.

  • Performance enhancing Dynamic Stability System (DSS) sliding foil
  • DSS foil reduces heel and pitching = more comfort
  • Powerful diesel electric drive train and generating system
  • Reduction in reliance on hydraulics
  • Improved serviceability
  • Self-sustaining power generation while sailing
  • Easy to handle performance sail plan for short-handed crew
  • New quadrilateral headsail being considered
  • Ten hours silent mode with all hotel requirements
  • Six hours predicted generator run per 24 hours


The owner’s stunning full-beam suite enjoys a sole space of more than 65m2 and is located almost amidships where there is least motion and optimal comfort. Features include a gimbling bed, lounge sofa/tv with working area, walk-in closet, carbon bath tub/sauna and a hidden thread mill. The owner’s suite enjoys optimum privacy with crew accommodated aft, close to the galley, navigation and yacht operation station. The Dynamic Stability System (DSS) foil is contained in a cassette running athwartships beneath the owner’s berth. It is fitted with access hatches for easy maintenance


Canova’s experienced owner opted for the DSS foil primarily to provide a more comfortable experience for his guests and crew as they travel the world in this extraordinary bluewater supercruiser. In winds in excess of 30 knots true during her delivery from Finland to Italy, the foil dramatically reduced the amount of yaw and pitching in an awkward sea, making the yacht easier to handle and much more comfortable for her crew.



The yacht’s long, hardtop bimini, which extends from the deck saloon aft over the large guest cockpit, is a key feature of the overall look of the yacht. An engineering feat in itself, it incorporates touch button drop down side windows, sliding doors, ‘mood’ effect dimmable glass and the ability to take the 24-tonne load of the mainsheet track. The same level cockpit and deck saloon make for an exceptional inside/outside living space




  • 2019


  • L.O.A.43.30 m
  • D.W.L.41.60 m
  • BEAM9.00 m
  • DRAFT3.80/6.50 m
  • DISPLACEMENT146.5 tons


  • NAVAL ARCHITECTFarr Yacht Design
  • INTERIOR DESIGNBaltic Yachts, Lucio Micheletti
  • EXTERIOR DESIGNLucio Micheletti
  • NUMBER OF CABINS1 owner, 1 VIP, 1 guest and 3 crew


DSS sea trials demonstrate increased comfort

Departing Finland in October 2019

Launch preparations and keel assembly

Launch in May 2019

DSS installation