Baltic 142 Custom

Baltic 142 Custom

  • Delivery Year: 2019
  • |
  • Naval Architect: Farr Yacht Design

This highly innovative long distance cruising yacht is notable for being the first superyacht to be fitted with a transverse Dynamic Stability System foil, designed to reduce heel angle, increase speed and dampen pitching to improve comfort.

She is also fitted with a sophisticated diesel electric propulsion and hydro-generating system reducing the use of fossil fuel and enabling the yacht to be used for long periods in ‘silent’ mode.

Vibration and noise levels are further reduced by using an electric propulsion motor powered by lithium ion batteries charged by a combination of traditional generators and propeller driven hydro-generation.

Canova is designed to sail quickly, comfortably and efficiently and in addition her owner wants to be able to maintain and service the yacht without the need for specialist shipyard help in remote parts of the world.

The combination of her large deck saloon, which forms the focal point of her accommodation, and her large, well-appointed cockpit which is protected by a long solid bimini, provides a superb living space while sailing.

Interior Design: Baltic Yachts

Interior & Exterior Design: Micheletti & Partners

Project Management: Mattia Belleri

Number of Cabins: 1 owner, 1 VIP, 1 guest and 3 crew

Main Specification

43.3 m
41.60 m
9.00 m
3.80/6.50 m
Light Displacement
140 tons

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