25 March 2020

Designed for thrilling, easy, short-handed sailing boosted by green power, this eco-friendly Café Racer is a real game changer. Just unplug, step aboard and go!

Baltic Yachts is launching an eco-friendly 68-footer for semi-series production with the first yacht due for delivery in early 2021. The new yacht embodies the latest eco-friendly building materials and a low emission power pack featuring a 30kW electric propulsion unit. Hydrogeneration, solar panels and sustainable, modified wood decks to dramatically reduce her environmental impact are among features reflecting a yacht to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Executive vice president Henry Hawkins said:

Baltic Yachts has been reacting to customer demand and we’ve been working on the details of this exciting Café Racer since last year. Our desire and ability to adapt to the technical demands of an eco-friendly yacht have resulted in an extremely exciting product.

The Baltic 68 Café Racer is designed to get you afloat quickly and easily so that you can be out sailing with as little fuss as possible. Designed by Javier Jaudenes, responsible for the all-conquering Baltic 108 WinWin, she’s also a powerful, easy to handle sailing yacht with a cool, contemporary, luxury interior.


Café Racer origin

She’s a yacht with a performance edge and stunning looks – a modern yacht reflecting the Café Racer era of the 1960s when London’s Rockers rode pared down, visually minimalist motor bikes designed for fast rides over short distance. Riders and bikes were seen as disrupters displaying speed, status and rebellion – they had attitude.


Baltic Yachts is constantly researching new eco-friendly materials and techniques for yacht building and by using naturally grown flax to reinforce this yacht’s hull her carbon footprint is dramatically reduced. More than 50% of the hull structure will use Bcomp ampliTex flax as a reinforcement which also has excellent sound deadening properties enabling us to save space by limiting the use of insulation.



Low local emissions

Minimising local emissions is a key aim of the Baltic 68 Café Racer and the choice of a 30kW electric engine which also has the ability to hydrogenerate through her free-wheeling propeller while sailing, reduces emissions to virtually nil, with no fossil fuels being burned and no noise pollution.

Like a hybrid car, the Baltic 68 Café Racer comes with a range extender which can be used to charge the Lithium ion battery bank as a ‘get you home’ supplement to battery capacity. The range extender uses highly efficient micro-turbine technology which will eventually be able to run on hydrogen. With just one moving part the turbine is easy and cost effective to maintain and is so small it can be carried under your arm!


Reducing power consumption

Baltic Yachts continues to research ways of reducing power consumption and in this yacht it’s down by 30% for one of the most demanding domestic services – air conditioning. Our system mixes re-circulated, less humid air with fresh air to reduce the amount of power needed to maintain the desired onboard ‘climate’. UV filters ensure the air is bacteria-free and solar panels can power the system in eco mode with no draw from the battery bank.


The Baltic 68 Café Racer’s beautifully laid decks use multi-purpose modified wood which is a sustainable, durable pine with a 50-year warranty against rot. Because it lasts longer and is hard wearing, we can reduce deck thickness and consequently save weight. The award-winning LIGNIA Yacht deck material means we can avoid using hardwoods but maintain the feel and performance of a genuine deck.

A yacht for the 21st century

Materials used in the Café Racer’s accommodation continue the eco-theme with light oak timbers and flax composites combining with specialist wallpapers, wicker and paper cord to produce a light, cool, contemporary accommodation.

The Baltic 68 Café Racer is a Day Sailer for the 21st century, eco-friendly with low local emissions delivering a great sailing experience. Building will commence this Spring and delivery is expected in Summer 2021.


Baltic Yachts is launching an eco-friendly 68-footer for semi-series production with the first yacht due for delivery in early 2021. The new yacht embodies the latest eco-friendly building materials and a low emission propulsion unit.



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