BALTIC 66-01

The first hull of the Baltic 66 was an exciting project with extra emphasize on high technology and performance and were tailor made to suite Mediterranean weather conditions.

The standard Baltic 66 is already on an extremely high technical level using Epoxy vacuum bagged carbon laminates in both the hull and the deck, but on Baltic 66-01 the technology was taken a step further. Our custom made laminating press was in full use for this project.

All structural bulkheads and other non-structural interior panels were manufactured in this press, which resulted in panels having a honeycomb sandwich and pre-preg Carbon face laminate with a glued on thin veneer on all visible surfaces.

The owner of this yacht favored a modern and linear type of interior layout and styling, with painted surfaces instead of separate lining in many areas. This interior represented something new, modern, stylish and with a very appealing look.



  • 2005


  • L.O.A.20.40 m
  • D.W.L.18.00 m
  • BEAM5.20 m
  • DRAFT3.80 m
  • DISPLACEMENT19,670 kg
  • BALLAST8,157 kg


  • NAVAL ARCHITECTjudel/vrolijk & co

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