BALTIC 56-01

Baltic 56/01 was certainly a full-on example of maximum flexibility within this interesting semi-custom line.

The yacht was equipped with a canting keel which could be swung 40 degrees to each side providing a massive stability boost.

On an earlier canting keel 78-footer, Super Baltic 5, we used a single canard forward, but 56/01 had twin dagger boards.

The dagger boards were more effective because they could be positioned further aft in the yacht thus keeping weight out of the forward end to reduce pitching.

These were advanced boards for the time, designed with an asymmetric foil shape to provide an optimum lift:drag ratio. They were angled outboard so that when the yacht was heeled they became upright, making their lift characteristics more effective.

The deck and interior layouts were 100per cent custom, designed and styled by judel/vrolijk & co to suit the client’s wishes.

The build technology was advanced using a pre-preg carbon/ foam sandwich in the hull and a honeycomb sandwich in the deck laminate.



  • 2005


  • L.O.A.17.10 m
  • D.W.L.15.00 m
  • BEAM4.59 m
  • DRAFT2.95 m
  • DISPLACEMENT13,300 kg
  • BALLAST4,310 kg


  • NAVAL ARCHITECTjudel/vrolijk & co

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