Baltic 47

Baltic 47

  • Delivery Year: 1994
  • |
  • Naval Architect: judel/vrolijk & co

The Baltic 47 was a good example of the traditional Baltic Yachts´ philosophy of a light to medium displacement design for optimum performance and easy handling.

The laminates were of a sandwich construction in combination with special unidirectional fibers resulting in a light, reliable and long lasting construction.

The Baltic 47 offered large opportunities for customization of the interior, deck, laminates, keels etc., which allowed clients to make their very own personal ideas a part of the final product. For clients who looked for the opportunity of sailing in shallow water areas, special keels was designed and built.

For more performance minded owners who wanted to go in the opposite direction, we used deeper high performance keels and utilized the available building technology to reach lighter construction weights etc.

Main Specification

14.56 m
12.04 m
4.39 m
2.65 m
11,200 kg
4,600 kg
Units built

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