Baltic 46

Baltic 46

  • Delivery Year: 1973
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  • Naval Architect: C & C Design

The first model in our history was designed by Naval Architect C&C Design, Canada. The interior layout and styling was done by our own in-house design and provided easy living on board especially during races, but was also generous with space for the cruising minded.

The Baltic 46 was a very advanced product for its time, with a level of technology exceeding many of the serial production yachts seen on today┬┤s market.The Baltic 46 design and performance studies were done in autumn 1973, including tank testing various hull models. The yacht included the following new features: laminates using sandwich construction, a teak deck thinner than normally seen in those days but with epoxy glued to the FRP deck for durability as well as for added strength, and, finally, the standing rigging was rod rigging which those days was used mostly on racing machines.

The above-mentioned are just a few of the technical features that were incorporated into the boat in order to make it lighter without sacrificing strength and hence increasing the performance and comfort.

Main Specification

14.09 m
11.67 m
4.17 m
2.29 m
12,120 kg
Units built

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