Baltic 38

Baltic 38

  • Delivery Year: 1982
  • |
  • Naval Architect: Douglas Peterson

The Baltic 38DP was an excellent example of one of Baltic’s successful production yachts. Designed in 1982 by in-vogue naval architect Doug Peterson, 55 of these genuine racer/cruisers were built, proving that racing, ease of handling and cruising capability could co-exist in the same hull.

The deck ergonomics were planned with both cruising and racing in mind. It had to work for both a large racing crew and a couple. The deck was carefully engineered, comfortable and easy to work even for a small crew.

The accommodation benefitted from an idea to angle the position of bulkheads so that better use could be made of the interior space. In those days narrow ended hull shapes were the norm, driven mainly by the International Offshore Racing Rule. Many 38s raced successfully in Europe and the USA.


Main Specification

11.60 m
9.60 m
3.76 m
2.21 m
6,500 kg
2,950 kg
Units built

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