Join us aboard the exciting new Baltic 68 Café Racer in Porto Cervo

1 September 2021

An invitation to visit the Baltic 68 Café Racer, Pink Gin Verde in Porto Cervo, Sardinia

Pink Gin Verde, the first Baltic 68 Café Racer, will shortly arrive in Porto Cervo, Sardinia where she will be available to potential clients and press during the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup, which takes place from 5-11 September, 2021.

She will be out sailing alongside the Maxi fleet although not yet racing and will be available for Open Boat visits following the racing. She’ll be on the dock outside the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda.

It’s a great opportunity to see first-hand the exacting build and finish standards set by Baltic Yachts and the package of ‘green’ innovation which distinguishes this boat.

Get sailing quickly and easily

The Baltic 68 Café Racer is aimed at getting its occupants on the water quickly and easily. Pink Gin Verde’s twin electric motors mean she can be unplugged from the dock and out sailing in short order. Sails can be set at the touch of a button and her lithium battery bank can be charged by her free-wheeling propellers while sailing.

With naval architecture by Javier Jaudenes, who also designed the highly successful Baltic 108 WinWin, she’s not only intended as a fun and easy boat to sail, but she’s also responding to a growing demand for yachts to be built and operated in a more environmentally responsible way. Here are some of her ‘green’ credentials:

  • 50% of the reinforcement in her hull is made of naturally grown flax
  • Twin 15kW electric motors
  • Lithium-ion battery bank
  • Hydrogeneration charges battery bank while sailing
  • Solar panels
  • Sustainably grown cork is used for her decks
  • Super-efficient heat re-circulating technology is used in her air conditioning system
  • Range extender using micro-turbine technology

Latest sail technology

To get the best out of Pink Gin Verde, Doyle Structured Luff technology is being used which means headstay sag is dramatically reduced by building support into the sail itself rather than imposing high stay loads.

With her swept spreader Marstrom rig requiring no backstays, mast bend is achieved through luff adjustment of the structured luff mainsail. This is a very simple, safe and rewarding yacht to sail.

Intended as a super-day sailer or long weekender, Pink Gin Verde  has a smart, modern, comfortable interior styled by Design Unlimited using sustainable materials in her upholstery and furnishings. There’s luxurious sleeping accommodation for four.

Baltic Yachts Executive Vice President, Henry Hawkins, said: “This is a yacht which tackles today’s challenges of sustainability and low carbon targets head on – she’s fun and easy to handle, offering a genuinely rewarding sailing experience”. Baltic’s engineers and partners have incorporated a brilliant, naturally grown yacht building material in sustainable flax which perfectly complements the advanced composites expertise for which the company is renowned.

We’re confident the Baltic 68 Café Racer offers a modern, attractive package which clients will be keen to buy into, he said.


LOA 20.73 m

LWL 20.73 m

BEAM 5.63 m


BALLAST: 8.2 ton

For an appointment in Porto Cervo contact:

Henry Hawkins, Executive Vice President

Press and media:
Elisabet Holm, Head of Marketing


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Baltic 68 Café Racer Pink Gin Verde

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