23 April 2020

The complex task of releasing the advanced composite hull shell of the Baltic 117 Custom from her split mould was completed recently at our Jakobstad facility. The video shows how the two halves of the one-off timber mould are carefully moved aside before the hull is lifted clear using our overhead cranes. It’s an exciting moment for both the client and the workforce here in Finland.

The two mould structures are manoeuvred from the build space before the 16-ton hull, suspended overhead, is carefully lowered onto a purpose-built cradle, in which it will sit until the yacht is ready to launch. The Baltic 117 is due for completion in 2021.

Commissioned for a client new to Baltic Yachts, the Baltic 117 Custom pilot cutter has been designed by Dykstra Naval Architects, with neo-classic looks featuring a straight stem, bowsprit and a traditional transom.

Although her elegant outward appearance may be a nod to the past, her systems, propulsion unit and hydrogenerating capability reflect current challenges to create minimal impact on the environment. She will be the latest iteration of Baltic Yachts’ aim to build greener yachts.

The Baltic 117 Custom’s electric propulsion motor will be used as a generator while sailing, using her free-wheeling controllable pitch propeller. Energy use aboard will be carefully managed using ‘smart’ cabins fitted with sensors which automatically power down lighting when spaces are unoccupied. Heat recovery technology, which is increasingly being used in onboard systems, will be applied to ventilation and air conditioning to further reduce energy demand.

The Baltic 117’s Bermudan rig, and a bowsprit offering a wide variety of sail combinations, will make her easy to handle. Her deep bulwarks and twin cockpits are among many features providing exceptional comfort for long distance cruising.

Her accommodation, described by her designers deVosdeVries as ‘light and contemporary’, will be finished in stained oak with bog oak trims and ‘industrial chic hardware’.

With the Baltic 117’s hull now safely in her cradle, work will continue on systems installation and fitting accommodation modules currently being completed outside the yacht. Watch this space for further videos showing construction progress.



This yacht is an advanced composite 117ft (35.8m) Custom Classic sloop from the board of renowned Dutch designers Dykstra Naval...



Baltic Yachts has been commissioned to build an advanced composite 117ft Custom Classic sloop from the board of renowned Dutch...


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