8 November 2019

As part of a leadership learning initiative organised by the Jakobstad Chamber of Commerce, 18-year-old Viktor Enqvist spent a day following Baltic Yachts’ CEO Anders Kurten (pictured with Viktor) to experience what a chief executive officer’s work involves.


Viktor visit was part of an annual event supporting a nationwide campaign to provide opportunities for young people by partnering them for day with leading business personnel. They learn what leadership means in practice providing them with a different perspective to help decision-making about their own studies, careers and life in general.


For companies it’s a chance to promote what they do and to demonstrate to young people the skills they could acquire for a working life.


Viktor, who is studying Business at Optima, a vocational upper secondary and training school in Jakobstad, applied to Baltic Yachts because of its status as the world’s leading builder of advanced composite yachts.


Anders Kurten said:

A proactive contact between companies, schools and students is valuable because it gives parties a chance to get to know each other and provides the student with a valuable insight into working life. I hope this will help Viktor make decisions for future studies or work.


Viktor reported that he found the day very interesting.

It was quite busy with a lot of meetings!

he said.


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