Magnum 70 interior completed on schedule by Baltic Service & Refit team

9 May 2018

Baltic Yachts’ specialist Service & Refit teams have completed a new lightweight interior for the high speed Magnum Marine 70 Pegasus, which was officially handed back to her owner on April 26th in Palma, Mallorca.

The high performance ‘muscle’ boat, built by the iconic Magnum Marine in Florida in 2008, has spent six months at Baltic Yachts’ Palma facility where the entire interior was replaced.

Interior specialists Design Unlimited based the new design on the Magnum’s structure using dramatic styling finished in white.  Mark Tucker of Design Unlimited said:

“This unusual project called for a specialist theme and was inspired by the owner’s love of cars and Formula 1 racing.

“The new interior had to be ultra-light and be able to withstand the rigours of high speed power-boating, challenges the interior design team and Baltic Yachts’ Service and Refit are well equipped to meet,” he added.

The interior structure was built in Finland where a full size mock-up was used to ensure a perfect fit.

Pegasus is a classic Magnum Marine powerboat capable of speeds in excess of 60 knots thanks to her twin MTU V16 2500hp engines driving surface piercing propellers.

Managing the refit in Finland was Andreas Wiklund who remained in constant touch with the Palma base where Goran Svenlin oversaw the final installation. Andreas said: “This has been an exciting project involving an iconic American brand and is a perfect example of how our Jakobstad headquarters can work seamlessly with our Palma base.”

The owner’s project manager, Tako van Ineveld of Van Ineveld & Co. commented:

“The owner’s team really pushed the boundaries in terms of style, complexity and quality. Baltic Yachts took on the challenge and delivered. A team with a very “can do” mentality and a pleasure to work with.”

For more information contact Project Manager Andreas Wiklund @ +358 50 534 5798 or e-mail

Learn more about our Service & Refit team here.


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