Roland Kasslin

9 June 2016


“Everyone’s ideas can be heard and considered”

Roland Kasslin was fresh out of engineering school in 1978 when he first passed by Baltic Yachts. “I noticed they had boats in the yard so went in to ask for a job.” Kasslin was at the right place at the right time and was immediately employed as a draftsman.

Forty years on, now as Head of Research and Development, he is still constantly looking for the latest trends. “Right now we can see more attention being paid to systems such as drive trains, sail handling and the electrification yachts” said Roland. Reducing noise and vibration in a yacht has become a Baltic speciality. “Instead of trying to build heavy and space consuming noise insulation systems, we try to kill the noise at source by designing the right support and mounts for machinery and systems.” For the client it means sailing can be fully appreciated in a virtually noise-free environment and a quiet ship state can be achieved to ensure a good night’s sleep!

For Kasslin, staying on top of technical innovation is a team-driven business. “Our strength is that we always strive to raise the bar to find ways to improve. We are very transparent at Baltic Yachts with completely open lines of communication so that everybody’s ideas can be heard and considered. You must always keep your eyes and ears open to new ideas from anyone.”


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