5 June 2016


Key Facts about Baltic Yachts

  • Unique selling point – top quality advanced carbon composite construction of sailing and motor yachts up to 200ft +
  • Based in Jakobstad, on the west coast in Finland since the company was founded in 1973
  • Large Service and Repair bases in Palma, Mallorca and Jakobstad
  • More than 550 yachts built.
  • Recent launchings include award-winning Baltic 112 Nilaya, Baltic 108 Win Win, Baltic 116 Doryan, Baltic 107 Inukshuk, Baltic 115 Nikata, Baltic 130 My Song & Baltic 175 Pink Gin
  • Baltic Yachts built production yachts ranging between 33ft and 66ft
  • Baltic Yachts’ most successful production yacht was the Baltic 39 of which 74 were sold
  • The first custom yacht, Baltic 42 Tina I-punkt, was delivered in 1974.
  • New carbon composite Baltic 67 Performance Cruiser semi-custom yacht launched in 2018
  • In-house, engineering and design makes custom building highly efficient
  • First yacht building yard in the world to achieve all three ISO quality certificates – 9001, 14001 and 1800
  • Major share holder is German-owned Ottobock
  • Turnover Euros 40 million
  • Workforce in Finland and Palma, Mallorca, 280


Baltic Yachts is unique because no other yard builds such a range of yachts to the same standard of design, engineering and finish in advanced carbon fibre composites. Ever since the company was founded in 1973 the aim has been to build lighter, stiffer, faster yachts for ease of handling, speed and safety. This ethos was applied to the many production yachts built by Baltic Yachts and today represents the unique selling point for the advanced carbon composite multi-role superyachts which currently dominate the order book. Combine this with the wide range of skills available in Jakobstad and Mallorca including in-house design, engineering and construction and the result is teamwork across all disciplines ensuring a highly advanced, efficiently built product.


It is important to understand that the indigenous workforce in the district called Ostrobothnia, in which the coastal town of Jakobstad is located, benefits from 500 years of ship building history stretching back to when the Swedish crown (this part of Finland was once Swedish) reorganised its army and recruited local carpenters to build its ships. These skills have been passed down the generations and now benefit Baltic Yachts in a way that few other yards can emulate.


Founded by five skilful boat builders Baltic Yachts has always maintained a family spirit, which has nurtured teamwork throughout the company. The founding aims of the company were to build top quality cruising yachts with racing potential but what set the product apart was advanced composite construction making them lighter, faster and easier to handle. This ethos has always run through the Baltic Family and is crucial to the company’s success today.


Baltic Yachts’ deep understanding of carbon composite construction and how to apply it in yacht building is unmatched. Benefitting from in-house design and engineering teams who work together to problem solve and meet client demand, Baltic Yachts can quickly establish the most efficient and best way to build any given structure. Carbon composites are used because they are stronger and stiffer than more conventional materials. In addition Baltic Yachts has perfected insulation and anti-vibration technology to reduce noise in carbon structures to an absolute minimum.


It’s not just a yacht’s performance that benefits from advanced carbon composites. This knowledge is used to build the most spectacular interiors in a wide range of lightweight specialist materials with any finish a client desires, still maintaining lightness and performance. This work is all completed in-house using our highly experience joiners. Our world class, award-winning interiors compliment our overall ethos of lighter, stiffer, faster to produce the finest carbon composite yachts in the world.


In line with Baltic Yachts’ use of advanced materials like carbon composites the company is always looking at ways of improving yacht design. The company has evolved the Retractable Propulsion System which allows yachts to sail faster and be more manoeuvrable; the Force Feedback Steering System which does away with long mechanical links to provide a realistic steering sensation for the helmsman; highly sophisticated sound deadening processes to meet sub 50dbA readings and many other innovative products.


Baltic Yachts’ highly skilled workforce can turn itself to any task as work on two recent motor yacht contracts bears testament. Not only does the use of light composite construction techniques lend itself to performance motor yacht design and construction but the skills inherent in the Jakobstad workforce mean tackling timber construction and other boat building materials is a challenge they relish.

For more information contact Elisabet Holm at elisabet.holm(at) or phone +358 50 590 6268.


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