Baltic Yachts unveil revolutionary Retractable Propulsion System

17 April 2016

In our on-going programme of innovation aimed at improving performance and efficiency aboard yachts, Baltic Yachts have developed a new version of their Retractable Propulsion System (RPS) in conjunction with propeller experts Hundested. The revolutionary new system combines the ability to retract the propeller for increased performance with rotation through 90 degrees enabling it to double as a stern thruster.

The first example of the new RPS will be used aboard the recently launched Baltic 130 Custom.

Together with a controllable pitch propeller (CPP), the RPS provides the helmsman with a highly versatile tool for manoeuvring and eliminates the need for a separate space and power hungry stern thruster.

Increased boat speed and greatly improved manoeuvrability on the start line and at mark roundings, are huge performance benefits when the propulsion gear is fully retracted.

Other key advantages include reduced vibration and lower noise levels plus the ability to keep all moving parts dry and free of fouling.

The RPS consists of a leg fitted with a forward facing puller propeller which retracts into the hull which is then rendered completely flush as hydraulically-powered doors close the aperture.  Water in the aperture is then expelled pneumatically, keeping weight to a minimum.

For more information, please contact:

Roland Kasslin
Baltic Yachts Oy Ab Ltd
Head of R&D
Phone: +358 500 568 031



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